The Caves RestaurantThe Caves Restaurant
82 Big Salmon River Road
St. Martins NB E5R 1H1
(506) 833-4698

The Caves Menu

The Best of the Caves

World Famous Seafood Chowder
Rich and creamy chowder with lobster, haddock, and scallops; served with a homemade biscuit
cup 8.50   bowl 12.99

Fish and Chips
Flaky haddock, lightly battered.  Best served with fries.
1 piece 9.99    2 pieces 13.99    3 pieces 16.99

3 piece fish and chips

Maritime Lobster Dinner
1 to 1 1/4 lb. (avg) lobster served with mussels OR chowder, a homemade biscuit, melted butter, & choice of side

Seafood Casserole
Lobster, scallops, shrimp, and haddock in a rich, creamy sauce topped with a 3 cheese blend, broiled to perfection and served with a homemade biscuit.


Seafood Platters

~ Add Snow Crab legs 10 oz (avg) for 10.99 ~
~Add a 1 to 1 1/4 lb (avg) lobster for 17.99~

Seafood Combo
Flaky haddock, Digby scallops, shrimp, and your choice of whole or strip clams  28.99

Bay of Fundy Scallops
5 ounces of Bay of Fundy scallops, lightly battered  18.99

Whole Fried Clams
5/ ounces of Shucked clams, lightly battered and fried crispy golden  18.99

Traditional Maritime Lobster Roll
A generous portion of knuckle and claw lobster with lettuce and mayonnaise on a toasted bun  18.99 

Golden Shrimp
A dozen sweet, lightly battered shrimp  16.99

Strip Clams
Tender golden clam morsels
small(4oz) 9.99    large (8oz) 14.99   

 Fish Burger Platter
A piece of our flaky haddock served with tartar sauce & lettuce on a sesame seed bun  10.99

Burger Platters

Our ground beef is fresh from Huttges General Merchants every day. We use 100% real Canadian Cheddar.  Add Bacon .99

1/4 lb. Hamburger Platter
8.99 - Burger only 5.99

1/4 lb. Cheeseburger Platter
9.99 - Burger only 6.99

1/2 lb. Hamburger Platter
10.99 - Burger only 7.99

1/2 lb. Cheeseburger  Platter
11.99 - Burger only 8.99 

1/2 lb. Cave Burger Platter
Bacon & Cheese 12.99 - Burger only 9.99  

Pulled Pork Platter (when available)


All platters are served with your choice of side: French fries, onion rings, mashed potatoes, potato salad or upgrade to a side salad for 1.99

Cave Burger


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Snow Crab Legs
10oz avg 10.99

Canadian Mozzarella Sticks

Onion Rings
small 2.99   large 4.99

Seafood Chowder
Try a cup of our World Famous rich and creamy chowder with lobster, haddock, and scallops served with a homemade biscuit. 8.50




Add roasted chicken for 3.99

The Caves House Salad

Caesar Salad

Greek Salad

Side Salad


Sandwiches and Chicken

All platters are served with your choice of side: Fresh cut fries, onion rings, mashed potatoes, potato salad or upgrade to a side salad for 1.49

Chicken Club Platter

Chicken Burger Platter

Roasted Chicken Burger Platter

Chicken Strips and Chips

Caesar Wrap Platter

Crispy Chicken Wrap Platter

Hot Chicken Platter

Kid's Meals

Chicken Nuggets, Hot Dog, Hamburger or a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with French Fries and Juice, Milk or Pop



 French Fries reg 2.99 large 4.99
Potato Salad 3.99
Coleslaw .99
Hot Dog 3.49
Biscuit .99
Gravy .99
Poutine 8.99


 Fountain Soft Drinks 2.39
16oz free refills

Bottled Pop 2.59

Canned Pop 1.99

Milk Shakes  4.99
made with real Ice Cream

Coffee and Tea 1.99
free refills

Juice and Bottled Water 2.49








Scotsburn Ice Cream

Plus enjoy  Scotsburn ice cream in a cone or in a dish!!