The Caves RestaurantThe Caves Restaurant
82 Big Salmon River Road
St. Martins NB E5R 1H1
(506) 833-4698

About Bruce and Nancy

Bruce and Nancy Huttges have operated their family restaurant for over 40 years. It wasn’t long before they developed a reputation for superb seafood items and the rest is history, as they say.

The recipe for their famous chowder is a family recipe. And, it’s easy to taste why their chowder is world famous with lots of fresh seafood in each bowl. It is prepared fresh each morning personally by Bruce, and is cooked in such a way to make it absolutely delicious.

Customer Philosophy

Their customer philosophy and service orientation is genuine and heart-felt, and is displayed prominently at the deck entrance to their restaurant.

“Through these doors pass
the Most Important People
in the World
Our Customers”

St. Martins, their home

Bruce and Nancy and their family have lived in the Village of St. Martins their entire life. They experience the rising and falling of the tides daily. Discover for yourselves some of the wonders created by the world’s highest tides.

Low Tide   High Tide
Low Tide   High Tide

They have witnessed the opening of spectacular “Fundy Trail”, and delight in showcasing their community every year during the “Old Home Week” festivities.





































Bruce and Nancy invite you to experience
Maritime hospitality and home cooked Maritme food by visiting the Caves Restaurant!